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therine 24

Od: 31.01.2011,aktywny: dawno temu

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After Drake left the apartment, Rea didn’t move from the sofa for a very long time. She just sat there, not even aware that she was crying most of the time, because her mind was preoccupied with a chaos of thoughts stampeding all at once.
“It’s just a dream. A bad dream. I’ll just wake up soon and everything will be normal. It has to be a dream. He wouldn’t just leave. Not over something so common, so stupid. He’ll be back. In a minute. An hour. He just went out to think it over. To get some air. He’ll be back. He has to come back. It’s all just a misunderstanding. He loves me. I know he does. He has to come back…”
Rea stared desperately at the front door for hours; her heart skipped a beat every time she heard the elevator move. The sun was rising, when she finally gave up waiting and got up from the sofa to take a shower and try to salvage whatever looks she had left after that exhausting night.
She managed to get ready for work in time and even concentrate on finishing the paperwork for her new account. She checked her cell every few minutes, hoping Drake called or texted her and she got disappointed every single time. It was only after she put her travel mug in the microwave when she finally admitted to herself that she’s no good like this.
After taking the afternoon off, Rea came back home and lied down on the bed with her cell glued to her hand. She hated herself for not being able to keep her cool about all this. She found it pathetic, staring at the cell phone screen and praying that he’d call. She went through her contact list over and over again, looked at his picture and wanted to call him so badly. It took all of her willpower not to push that little button. She looked at her thumb, covering the green receiver symbol, and she whispered, a bit to herself, a bit to her thumb.
‘He needs his space right now, Rea. And you need to respect that. He’ll call. He will. Just give him some time… He needs it. And you need to respect that.’
She fell asleep, muttering those few sentences over and over again, hoping she’ll manage to fool herself into believing them.
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Nie znam angielskiego ale opowieść bardzo mi się spodobała. Tłumaczę ją sobie na swój sposób, np;
dream - kojarzy się z dream team - gwiazdozbiór.
come back - odpoczynek na pałacowym tarasie.
exhausting night - napiłem się mleka przed snem.
like this - bardzo lubię lizaki.

Hmm, podoba mi się ten pomysł :D Aż jestem ciekawa o czym jest to opowiadanie dla Ciebie ^^

Haha:D Zupełnie jak w filmie z klasyki polskiego kina.

Dialog mężczyzny nieznajomą niewiastą w pociągu:
- O czym ta książka?
- Nie wiem, nie znam angielskiego. Tak sobie czytam.
- A to tak, to można.

- Ja! Ja! Naturlich! Gut! - też klasyka, chociaż nie Goethe.

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