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Od: 12.01.2008,aktywny: dawno temu

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It had been one of the sunniest day ever. I was sitting with my aunt in the kitchen. There were two chairs, table with cloth and us. We were talking about new movie “An alien and his old granddaughter from the Earth” when I heard my mobile phone’s tune. I was John.

I hated him a lot. He was so boring when he was talking about how to cook lights or how to make a good soup.

‘Hi’ I said. I was very clever. Point for me.

‘Hi Jenny. I have one question…’ He stopped.

‘Go ahead’.

‘So… Have you ever got a box with my cookies?’ He asked very slowly because when he started talking about food I had sometimes problems to understand him. He knew that I didn’t like the food topic because when I was young I used to be very fat… I hated food! And talked about eat.

‘No. Never. I DON’T want’.

‘ Too late. I’m waiting for you’. And he hanged up! He was waiting in my garden. When I saw him he was talking with my cat by doing cat’s noise, you know ‘meow’. On his knees he was holding big red box. He didn’t notice me so I said ‘Buuuu’ very loud. He was so surprised that he stood suddenly and the box with cookies pour out on the ground.

‘What are you doing? I was doing these cookies all day!’ He screamed.

‘ Look. My cat is eating them. Don’t worry’ I hugged him and then I kissed his red lips. John was my boyfriend. And I hated him.

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pewnie errorsów dużo, but jest late i I nie think co I piszę. No to I idzie spać ;p

An alien and his old granddaughter from the Earth” xD

IT* was John.


Końcówka jakaś taka porąbana O.o

wena uciekła xD

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