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Dopis 1:It was very sunny day...


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Od: 12.01.2008,aktywny: dawno temu

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It was very sunny day. I woke up at seven o’clock. I felt very well, but when I was cooking something for the breakfast I saw a piece of paper. It was hidden between two books: “How to kiss a frog?” and “Fuck your mother”. This piece of paper was green as tree. I picked it up and I read one word.

“ Playground”. It was written with mistakes and I knew that it wrote my little Anne. I started doing a lot of things and I forgot about all pieces of paper. About seven o’clock I had a call.

“Mr. Smith yours children are at the playground and I think that they should be back. It is almost seven o’clock” – it was my children’s teacher, Mrs. Saw. I hate her, because she once said that I am not at being good father. It was awful! Now I wanted to be invisible. I forgot about my own children!

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I woke up*

" that it write my little Anne." - a nie wrote? Bo to chyba czas przeszły, napisała to..

"I picked up it" - i chyba I picked it up.

"that I am not at being father" - zabrakło Ci "good"

poprawione ;D

all piece of paper - all  pieces of paper

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