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Dopis 3:Miracle Sometimes we think that something is...

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Od: 10.11.2009,aktywny: dawno temu

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Sometimes we think that something is impossible. When it happens we say that this is a miracle. It always happens suddenly, when we don't wait for it. Miracle is a good thing. It makes us happy and it takes our problems. People can say that there are no miracles in the life, but this is mistake. They are real and they can happen. Miracles don't happen very often. I think that miracle is like an accident. But it has never happened in my life. Maybe it will happen when I won't wait for it... Now I am waiting so maybe because of that it doesn't come.

But I think that miracles can happen. Really. And I belive that they may happen in my life. I don't know when, but they may... I am sorry, that this text is short but I can't make it longer. I am trying to do that, but it's difficult for me. Please, forgive me that. Next time I will write more, I promise. Next time...
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playing games ( jeśli będzie to możliwe, proszę również o opisanie kilku gier)

  • It make - makes

  • But it never happened in my life. – polecałabym present perfect do takiego wyrażenia.  But it has never happened in my life.



Poza tym cały czas piszesz o tym samym tylko różnymi zdaniami. ;p

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